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Easter is approaching and you may be struggling to come up with cute or useful ideas for your baby’s basket. However, there are tons of options for baskets and basket fillers that any baby would love to receive from the Easter bunny! Here are 23:


The Basket


On more than one occasion in the last few weeks, I’ve browsed the Easter section at Walmart debating if I should buy my son a 99 cent plastic bucket.


Yes, I thought long and hard about 99 cents.


It’s only 99 cents, I should get it, right?


But do I really want this crappy plastic bucket to get shoved into some deep dark corner of a closet where it will sit for years and collect dust?




It felt like a waste so I skipped it. He’s a baby, he won’t care.


He doesn’t even know what an Easter bunny is yet.


But what if the basket could be useful?


Check these ideas out:


1. Step 2 Swing

 My son LOVES to swing. He giggles and smiles every time I take him to the park. So why not bring that joy home? Fill a Step 2 Swing with Easter goodies and then enjoy the outside fun for years to come!


2. Dump Truck

Boys (and girls) love dump trucks. Fill the back with treats and then let your little one play with it for years after. This one by Green Toys is made with environmentally friendly materials!


3. Play Shopping Cart

Encourage pretend play with this toddler-size shopping cart that doubles as an Easter basket.


4. Storage bins

Storage bins that you can re-purpose somewhere in your home (think: baby’s room, play room or living room) make awesome Easter baskets. Or, better yet, these toy chests by 3 Sprouts! We have one on each floor of our house and they’re great for throwing all of the little toys you acquire when you have a child into so that it doesn’t look quite as cluttered. Plus, they’re cute.


5. Personalized bucket

Order a personalized Easter basket for your little one (a special delivery from the Easter bunny, of course) and put it out every year so that the bunny can fill it with new treats.


Filling the Baskets


Now that you’ve chosen a fun “basket,” it’s time to fill it up with goodies your baby will love!


1. Teethers

Your baby will likely teeth until he or she is about two years old, so you’re going to need teethers at some point. Some of our favorites have been the Munch Mitt, Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys, the Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sophie The Giraffe.


2. Pacifiers

If your baby takes a pacifier, you’re probably buying a new pack every other week.

Or maybe that’s just me…

These things seriously disappear.

Or I have to throw them away because my dog found one that got tossed onto the floor (don’t you love that game?).


3. Pacifier clips

If your baby has discovered how to throw or has finally mastered taking the pacifier out of his or her mouth, then you need a pacifier clip. Period. Make that five.


4. Board books

My son is now obsessed with books. He loves looking at them and giggling, holding and examining them, and being read to. And if you read one or more to your little one each day, then you’re going to get bored fast. So you can never have too many.

Here are a few of our favorites:

For more of our favorites, check out my blog post on the topic!


5. Egg Shaker

They’re eggs for Easter, easy to hold and they make noise. What’s not to love?


6. Stuffed Animals/Security Blankets

You can’t go wrong with a furry little friend or a security blanket for your baby to cuddle. Just remember to buy two or three extra if they get attached!


7. Onesie

You can’t go wrong with an Easter-themed onesie for your baby to lounge in after changing out of their church clothes.


8. Bathing suit

Summer is coming and now is the perfect time to stock up on bathing suits! Remember to pick up sunscreen to protect their sensitive skin!


9. Sun hat

Throw in a matching hat to their new bathing suit and your baby will be ready to play on the beach and the playground!


10. Bath toys

A rubber duck is classic, but you can expand your baby’s bath repertoire. These letters stick to the side of the tub when wet and are great for teaching first words. G also loves the variety of animals in this pack.


11. Puffs

Gerber Graduates Puffs a.k.a. Baby crack. My kid will eat a whole container if I let him.


12. Teething crackers

Happy Baby Organic Teethers are definitely a favorite in this house, but Plum Organics Little Teethers and Baby Mum-Mum are also good choices.


13. Yogurt melts

If you’re looking for a direct substitute for candy, Gerber Yogurt Melts are a great option. G only likes the vanilla flavor and gagged on the other fruit flavors we tried. (I don’t blame him…they’re super sweet.)


14. Baby food jars/pouches

If your baby is at least four months old and has been cleared to start solids by the pediatrician, baby food jars or pouches is another great filler for baskets in lieu of candy.


15. Bottle nipples

Remember to replace bottle nipples every three months or when you notice evidence of wear and tear. If you’re buying them anyway, might as well toss a pack into the Easter basket.


16. Peter Rabbit Jack in the Box

G received this Jack-in-The-Box from his great grandparents and loves to see the bunny pop out and then help shove him back in.


17. Toy remote

For the last few months, my son has had an obsession with remotes. He notices them from across a room and if he sees it and doesn’t get it, he’ll throw a fit. So for Easter, I added the LeapFrog Scout’s Learning Lights Remote. Hopefully it’ll be as good as the “real thing.”


18. Toothbrush/banana brush

A bunny who supports candy and oral health is a bunny a mom can get behind, right? Even though the first teeth will fall out, it’s still important to take care of them. The Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush is a great teether to have around before your baby’s first tooth has broken through and will help your baby get used to a toothbrush. Once he or she has a few teeth, you can start brushing and letting your baby play with/chew on an infant brush like this one.